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Summer is officially here!

  Now it is time to start planning on GOING APE!

For our newer members, APE stands for August PSK31 Expedition - sort of a 070 version of Field Day.  But much more relaxed.  The rules are pretty simple - basically go at least 20 miles from home and go portable.  You can find the complete details by clicking this APE Rules.  Check it out! 

And no, you don't need a battery or generator.  You can use commercial power if it is available.  You just cannot use preexisting amateur radio equipment or antennas at the site. But, you don't have to "rough it."  You can operate from an air conditioned cabin at the lake if you want.  Although there are some who insist on being out on a pontoon boat!

Talk it up to your friends from Field Day and your local Radio Club.  Convince them to join you in going APE!  You can go alone or you can have as many operators as you want.  Each operator may use their own call sign.  You can go APE for one day or the entire month of August.

To qualify for the 070 APE Award, you need only 20 two-way QSO’s.

Be sure to post your plans here on the list at least 2 weeks prior to your operation. 

Or you can send your plans to the APE Award Manager. Bryon, W7RIV -  APE Award Manager 

Start planning!  August is coming up real fast! 



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