Re: FD Bulletin copy failure on PSK31 mode - no modulation of signal

Ray Clements

I copied the FD bulletin on both PSK31 and RTTY. I never saw a MFSK16 signal on the waterfall.

Initially, I tuned my radio to the frequency specified: 7.095 MHz for 40 meter band. However, when the signal showed up, it was at the very bottom of the waterfall. I had to tune down to 7.0935 to bring the signal to the middle of my waterfall.

Here in Northern IL, I had a clean signal and was able to copy the PSK31 signal with only one minor error. Since RTTY is not as robust as PSK31, decoding was poor; I could barely read the RTTY copy.


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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the comments.  The radio is an Icom 746Pro in USB data mode interfaced with a Navigator sound card.  I thought the location of the signal on the waterfall to be odd as well, but the transmission started exactly at the time that the FD Bulletin was scheduled and no other signals appeared near the ARRL assigned frequency.  I rotated the dial up and down 1 to make sure that I had not missed the real thing somehow, but saw no other signal.  It's hard to miss RTTY, PSK31 or MFSK-16 on the waterfall, so I was pretty puzzled.  As I mentioned it was just odd that 20M and 40M PSK and FT8 operation before and after the incident were normal.  I'll post when the culprit is revealed.

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