Re: W3HF on the road again

Stephen Melachrinos

I know it's early in the US now, but I hope/plan to be on the air in a couple of hours (maybe 0900z). I think Danny will tell me that 40m should be the best band at the time--I know he checked me into a DX net on 40m SSB last night around 1100z and I worked a bunch of US stations, though we were running a 500W amp. (I didn't have my computer, and was just stopping by to pick up my wife--she was doing crafts with Danny's wife.)

I'll try to send another email when it happens.


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I'll be quitting the TDW early this year, some time tonight, to get on a morning airplane to Guam. I hope to get some operating time at the KH2JU club station, but I'll have two serious impediments to operating:

- I'll be there for 6-1/2 days, with 6 full days of work scheduled, and
- The XYL is coming too, and she expects me to spend some time with her.

I'll try to post when I get on the air, but it's likely to be evening Guam time. Guam is UTC+10, so that means late morning in CONUS.

As always, this will count as a WITWIS contact, but it's likely to be my last trip to Guam, so I'll try to make the most of it.

W3HF (soon to be /KH2)

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