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I have to confess that I didn't study the scoring changes this year until the contest started. Shame on me.

In the past, TDW was a members-only event, and 070 number was the required exchange. You could work each member once per band for QSO points, and the total number of unique 070 numbers was the multiplier. Then you would add the bonus points, 100 per each unique band QSO with a bonus station. To my knowledge there wasn't a power multiplier or advantage.

Now that the contest is open to non-members it was decided not to count 070 numbers as multipliers, so it's just the QSO points plus bonus points. This scoring is more like Field Day, but QSO counts are lower than Field Day QSO counts. Unfortunately that now means that the scoring is completely dominated by the number of bonus station QSOs, as one bonus QSO is worth 100 QSOs with non-bonus stations. 

I have some other thoughts that I'll share privately with club management.


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My prop seemed OK, I just thot I had fared better than I did.
Weren't the scores in the past based on power also?

Randy W4RTT

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Well don’t feel like the only one on the boat, I was 40th, but I did have an excuse, my mother was getting a pacemaker.  Had to learn all about my station and the device after, joys.
Great contest, poor propagation.
73 ke4pwe
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Well, I don't think I'll let the XYL know I fretted the whole weekend away for 24th place Hi Hi.
Randy W4RTT

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