Re: 15M, 20M, 40M not much luck here so far

Phil Royce

Looking at the map its everything from OK to the east coast, no west coast yet.




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20 is open east coast, got a few but lost time due to medical issue at hospital.  Then just go scolded for not changing  my contest macro, guess ppl lighten up,,. I think you can figure Florida out of NFL.  Not the football teams HIHI.  GL 73


On Sun, Jun 2, 2019, 11:52 K8TOM <tsingle@...> wrote:

That great, Chris.

We don't even have 20M open here in the Pacific NW at this point (15:46z).

It opened a couple of times yesterday briefly, but just enough to see traces with sporadic decode.  The only exception was around 23:58z.  I managed to get three QSOs completed in a couple minutes.  40M opened here for a brief window between 2:30z and 3:10z and I logged three more QSOs.  I have monitored 15m when there was chatter about it on the reflector, but haven't see a trace yet. 

Enjoy your good (or at least, better) fortune with the prop there!  Maybe we'll see another opening today, I hope.


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