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Jerry N9AVY

It’s an updated, revamped version of the old Official Observer Program.  I was an OO for a few years and felt that minuses outweighed the pluses.  Others may have different results. 


This new program removes the personal aspect which may be a good thing because some OO’s received death threats and other forms of harassment over the years.


Being in Canada Steve, you might no be eligible, but it would hurt to check with ARRL HQ since you do have a U.S. license and you might have to cross border once in a while.


Jerry  n9avy


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Interesting Announcement from the Weekly Newsletter. I would love see some PSK operators jump on this. Since I am in Canada, I dont think I would be eligible.
2301  VA3FLF/ KM4FLF

ARRL Invites Applications for Volunteer Monitor Positions

ARRL is now accepting applications from individuals interested in becoming part of the new Volunteer Monitor program, a joint undertaking of the FCC and ARRL. The program seeks volunteers who -- working under the direction of ARRL -- will monitor and survey the Amateur Radio bands both to detect improper activity and to recognize exemplary on-the-air behavior.

Prospective Volunteer Monitors must be ARRL members. They will undergo a training and certification program administered by ARRL, and will be vetted by ARRL through at least one oral interview and a preliminary evaluation by ARRL staff. Such requirements will continue for Volunteer Monitors once they are selected.

Volunteer Monitors will serve 3-year terms at the pleasure of ARRL, and ARRL will reserve the right to terminate the participation of any Volunteer Monitor for any reason.

Volunteer Monitors must be able to utilize state-of-the-art receiving equipment and to access no-cost remote receive sites, if requested. Applicants must possess strong writing and communication skills and an understanding of the importance of thorough documentation. They must have basic word processing and data entry skills and be able to send such information, including recordings, to ARRL electronically.

Applicants must have no history of warning letters or other enforcement-related action from the FCC, must hold a Technician or higher class license, and must have been licensed for at least 3 years.

Applicants should send applications to volunteer-monitor@... for processing.

In February, Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, was named to oversee the development and implementation phases of the Volunteer Monitor program, which will replace the Official Observer (OO) program. Hollingsworth once handled Amateur Radio enforcement for the FCC.


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