Re: Rough morning on 20m

Rick - N7WE

Mike - 
Sorry to hear of your troubles.  Yes, the bands have been bad...but not that bad.  Sure sounds like something is amiss - particularly if you're not able to pick up any FT8.    Hard to know how to be helpful without knowing what gear you are using.  But I was taught when trying to trouble shoot a problem:
1 - Always double check all connections.  Most problems are associated with poor connections.
2 - Always double check settings
       Radio first, (mode, attn off, correct antenna, RF gain, etc.) 
       Then computer - (sound card selected, level settings, software configuration if it has level settings, ports, etc.) 
       Finally, interface settings (if you are using an interface).
Good luck, hope that is helpful, and that you get back on the air soon!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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