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Ray Clements

Just because a mode is used for contesting does not mean it cannot be used on the WARC bands. It just means that it cannot be used for contesting purposes on those bands.

CW and RTTY are certainly "contesting" modes, but they are permitted as long as they are not being used during a contest, JT4 would be similar.


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Attached is the link to the protocol paper for FT4. There is a schedule for beta testing with a final general release on July 15th.

Good catch on the WARC bands. If this new mode is for contesting, then there would be no need for WARC band capabilities. Wonder if Dr. Taylor is aware,,,,or cares. Someone mentioned FT8 signals all over the bands now. As I understand the concept for DX peditions using FT8, there is now a Fox and Hound mode for these events. The DX pedition is supposed to announce the freq. they will be operating for the event. Other than that, FT8 should be at the software location. Remember too, there is now a JS8 call mode which is a derivative of FT8. I am not sure of those frequencies but they are listed on his Reflector. 

I am not jumping in the middle of the FT8 / allocations war of words. I understand everyone's feelings but we all know it just boils down to venting about an issue that is out of our control. I have done all I can do by talking to ARRL reps and RAC.
Dont let them get you down fellows. Enjoy life.

FT4 Protocol


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