Re: KC3EF 4/15/19 Report

Jerry N9AVY

Kathy is an excellent pilot !    EL07 & EL08 are 2 sparsely populated areas for hams and PSK31.  Probably more on phone and FT8.


Thanks for making these grids available to all of us !!!  FB on QSLs  !!


Jerry  n9avy


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From: Richard Rohrer
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2019 8:17 PM
Subject: [070Club] KC3EF 4/15/19 Report


Lots of good psk31 activity on today's drive from McAllen, TX to San Antonio, TX.  Took a little while to actually get on the road as we were stuck in traffic in McAllen and then the bird watching spot took longer than expected.  Logged a couple of new life birds, kind of like DX countries, that the xyl and I had never seen.

When we hit EL07 and started calling CQ got an immediate response for Rick, N7WE, then picked up Jerry, N9AVY, good to see you on the waterfall my friend.  Bill, N4GBK was next followed by Stan W9SMR, then AL7MH, N4KXO, W4NVC, and closed out the grid with Brian, N2MLP.  Looked for Steve, W3HF but never heard him.  

When we got to EL08 worked K2KN, Stan, W9MSR, and Jerry, N9AVY.  Saw Rick, but did not get to work him.  

Hope everyone that needed the grids got them.  

We are staying in San Antonio for a couple of days then on to Ft Worth for NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, then back home to FL.

Kathy, my pilot,  says hi to everyone and has a lot of fun help with the grid chase. 

Dick - KC3EF


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