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Steve...Good job!...that's the way it's supposed to be worked!

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And to build on Dick's report, I left work at 1545z or so, knowing that Dick had said he would be in EL59 at 1600z. I walked in the door at about 1605z, turned on the radio, and within 20 seconds or so saw him calling CQ--solid 599. One call and he was coming back to me. We chatted for about two minutes and then I signed in case others wanted to work him. I had time to eat lunch with my wife and head back to work by 1640z. Got back to work at 1705z and no one knew I had gone home for lunch.

Thank you to Dick (and his wife) for making EL59 available today.


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Just had email from Dick - now in EL49.  I never picked up a trace on him from EL59 down here in central Florida.  Hoping to maybe get him in another grid on down the road.  Did anyone get a confirmed Q while he was in EL59?  If so, curious as to your QTH and frequency you guys worked on.
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