KC3EF April Trip

Richard Rohrer

We will be leaving on April 3 heading West.  Will cover grids EL89, EM80, EM70, EM60, and EM50 that days driving.  I know these are fairly common, but if someone wants to say hi we will be monitoring. 
On April 4th we will be going thru EL59 and spending about 2 hours in that grid.  We will be getting into the grid around 1600 GMT or 1100 CST.  As usual I will be around 14.072.  If 20 does not work I will try 40 around 7.070.  From there we are going to EM40 for the next couple of days.  On April 6th if the wx is good we plan on being in EL39 for a couple of hours.  We will probably be there again on April 7th also.  

After our LA adventure we are heading all the way down to Brownsville TX.    From Brownsville we will be heading to San Antonio and the to Ft Worth.  Will keep everyone informed on what grids we will be in.

As usual I will post on the site when we are heading out and when we are approaching the grid.  I will also try the chat and see how it works.  
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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