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On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 01:51 PM, Jim K5SP wrote:
Well, after 20 years of faithful service, a storm raged through the other evening, and my GAP Titan DX is barely usable.  The top portion was bent over at about a 30 degree angle, and the rods are broken and twisted.  Some connections have completely broken off.  I still have my wire that I can use, but would like to get another vertical for 80-10 meters.  The Titan is mounted on a TV mast that is in a tripod on the ground. 

Problems:  Deed restrictions, no towers, wasn't supposed to have this Gap Titan, but no one has complained in 20 years.  Limited space, no radials.  No guys would be ideal. 

Would appreciate any comments, suggestions that would get the Titan DX replaced. 
Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

The cheapest solution I can come up with:
Looking at ur house from the street there are some decent trees on the right side.
You might consider a 43ft vert wire hidden in the tree wrkd against a ground rod at the base.
Use green coated wire for a hidden result. Remember those old Xmas light strings, plenty of
wire there. With an SGC-239 at the base and below ground coax no one would ever find it.

If you are really adventurous try a 132ft inverted L wrkd against the grd rod. Install about 30-40ft vert then run the balance horizontally thru the trees.

When I first started I was always told to never let the antenna touch a tree. I have been using
insulated wire in trees for >10yrs.

GL with whatever the CFO decides to install for you

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