Re: HF Verticals

David, K9DWR

I ran a 4BTV for a couple years with no radials and got decent performance. I’m in a townhouse with no land for radials, so have to make do with what I can. The biggest challenge with not having radials isn’t the performance, it’s keeping RF out of the feed line. Lots of choking involved, but have been fairly successful with that setup. I’m planning on using a mobile screwdriver antenna as a replacement, since I found the vertical challenging to keep vertical without guy wires.

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

On Mar 25, 2019, at 16:53, Jim K5SP <> wrote:

Well, when I posed this question, I expected some differences of opinions (and we all know what opinions are like). I have been given some great ideas to think on, and will use all of your inputs to determine what is the best route for me. Turned 75 last week, so am not allowed on ladders, the roof, or anything else more than 1 foot off the ground, (tried it, but the xyl caught me, and DO NOT want to face that wrath again).
Will ponder on this for awhile, but am liking the idea of the vertical with 4' rods in place of radials.
Thanks for all for taking the time to respond with your thoughts, it is appreciated.

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