Re: HF Verticals


Hi Jim,
Sorry to be late with an opinion.
Out here in the upper desert of Arizona, our soil is Caliche.
It is mostly comprised of Calcium Carbonate and is slightly Alkaline (pH 9.9).
I have a small lot with rocks (no grass), trees and really don't have room to run a 80M Dipole or lots of radials.
I was absolutely shocked when I ran a 80-Meter Inverted-L (1/4 wave) along the tower then to a guy-line (phillystran) mount.
It is fed at the base of the tower with about 20 feet of RG58. I should have fed it from the guy-line end.
It is grounded with two 8-foot ground rods (also used by the tower). It is was measured for 3.560 MHz.
To my amazement, the antenna has a 1:1 SWR at 3.560 and has performed very well. No great issues working N.America and some Caribbean.
It is 3/4 wave for 30-Meters and has a very low SWR there.
I run 35 watts on FT8, 25-40 on PSK31, 75 on CW and 90 on SSB.  I use an Auto-Tuner for 40 Meters and occasionally 20, 15 and 10M. I have an old CC ATV-3 (20,15,10M) Vertical and Yagis for 10, 6, 2 Meters  and 70 CM (why I am disappointed you all shelved the June VHF).
So what I am saying, ground rods instead of radials is well worth the try.
I remember a Field Day years ago out at Lake Grapevine grounding with a car tire tool and a half a container of Morton Salt.
Good luck. I take orders from the XYL too. She won't let me get on the roof. I am 66, just had back surgery and the Doc said no.
73 Art KA5DWI/7 near Prescott AZ

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