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Think you should ask questions about HF here on the reflector because there are several who have lots of knowledge about HF and should be able to point you in right direction.  Many of us probably didn’t know much about HF antennas when we started out, but we picked up what we needed to know as we went along.  Most hams are will to share their knowledge because there are no “secrets”. 


If you have an analyzer, a very handy tool, you can check your antennas every time you run into problems.   When I first got into hobby, many of the old timers told me that any SWR under 2.1: 1 was acceptable.  An analyzer will tell you impedance and some other stuff like what frequency the antenna is resonant. 


As for your soil conductivity I’m not familiar with Oklahoma so I really can’t comment. Bury some radials under the vertical… as many as you can get …  sounds like you have vertical on 4 ft. mast… not sure about that… my vertical is mounted as close to ground as I can get it (also helps with wind).


My set up is a 40 ft. tower next to back of house, a dual sloper (Alpha-Delta DX-A) running from tower to back of yard & to a tree in front yard, and then the vertical ground mounted in back yard


Jerry  n9avy


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From: Geary McDowell
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Hey Jim!

Bummer for sure.  I had a 5BTV roped to a fence once as we get so much wind here I did not like the way it whipped so much.  The fence went down and I had a vertical with a 45 bow in it. HI HI  NO restrictions here, well the city says 32-foot tower and a city expensive permit, but I am lucky to have radio-friendly neighbors as they contact me during severe wx since our local TV station is so horrible and I am the NCS for our local/county storm team.  Anyway, seems to me like most theory can be thrown out with the bathwater. I have a little radio background with business bands, but surely do NOT know near as much a those here who have been HAMs from way back when you had to build your equipment instead of just order it.  It is amazing my broken little low power (well, I never know what power it is going to put out) and set even gets out.  I have three HF antennas up, two Alpha Delta wires running perpendicular with each other and a 6BTV ground mounted with 120 radials.  I have operated with and without radials and I am not convinced they help, here anyway.  Our soil is really bad even on the four-foot post, I still added an eight-foot ground rod and water it often.  My radials average 14 feet, NOT resonant, just filled in all I could in the space I had without going really short on one side and really long on the other.  The antennas seem to take turns as to which one or two are going to work that day, sometimes they all work okay.  HI HI  When looking to put up an HF antenna that would be neighbor friendly, and ordinance friendly, I read a LOT on fence antennas, that runs along the bottom of one's fence and the ones along one's roof line.  Lots of options as you well know.  I am not much help as 99% of what I know about HF HAM radio is self-taught as I can get no help here more or less.  I too will be interested to see what you end up with as I am always looking at options to tweak my little station without putting up a beam larger than my roof.  HI HI

73 Geary KE5IRK

Lawton-Fort Sill, OK


On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 3:51 PM Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> wrote:

Well, after 20 years of faithful service, a storm raged through the other evening, and my GAP Titan DX is barely usable.  The top portion was bent over at about a 30 degree angle, and the rods are broken and twisted.  Some connections have completely broken off.  I still have my wire that I can use, but would like to get another vertical for 80-10 meters.  The Titan is mounted on a TV mast that is in a tripod on the ground. 

Problems:  Deed restrictions, no towers, wasn't supposed to have this Gap Titan, but no one has complained in 20 years.  Limited space, no radials.  No guys would be ideal. 

Would appreciate any comments, suggestions that would get the Titan DX replaced. 
Jim,  K5SP #483
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