Re: HF Verticals

Richard Rohrer


You should have lived where I do in FL.  My only restriction is that the tower can't be higher than 80 ft and has to be in the back yard.  I lived in a very restrictive area in MD for a few years and found that a loop in the attic feed by a remote tuner worked fairly well.  All of my antennas were in the attic and worked a lot of VHF/UHF including ATV.  

I also have a Hustler vertical like Ricks and found it to work better sometimes than my 120 ft dipole or my hex beam.  Made my own tilt over mount, but did buy one of the radial plates since I did not want to spend the time drilling all of the holes.  I have also used a 23 ft wire with an auto tuner with four 25ft radials and had reasonable success with it.  The wire vertical and a 20mtr dipole were the antennas I used when first move to FL.  It is nice to have lots of trees on the property for hanging wire antennas. 

Dick - KC3EF

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