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Dan Morris - KZ3T

Yes, when you don’t have many options you use what you can. I have a Zero Five 27’ vertical with 40 radials all cut to 27’ and it does rather well. SWR is good on all bands except 40/80 so I purchased an LDG-KT100 and now all bands from 10-80 are less than 1.3-1 .

Dan Morris KZ3T

On Mar 24, 2019, at 5:36 PM, Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...> wrote:

What a bummer!  Sorry you lost the GAP, but look at it as a chance to change things around.  

Not sure what your lot layout is like, but I do take note of the "no radials."  That severely limits the vertical options.  My backyard is about 25' deep and 75' across.  I mounted my vertical about 12' from the house and more or less centered of the yard.  It is a Hustler 6BTV, about 24' high, which pretty much hides it behind the house from the street view.  Unguyed, but on a DX Engineering tip-over mount so I can lay it down when the lightning walks about (frequently during the season) or the winds are forecast to be strong.  For hurricanes, it comes inside along with EVERYTHING else outside.  I have 40 radials (DX Engineering Radial Plate) of various length (not cut to resonant - just what would fit) that I put down with lawn staples and let the grass suck them down.  You can't find them now.  The shortest was about 10' and the longest about 25'.  The radial field is a long way from symmetrical!  But it works pretty good.  I also added the DX Engineering 12m and 17m add-ons so I have everything from 80m thru 10m - and all less than 1:1.3 at the PSK frequencies.

If there is anyway you can get 20 or more random length radials down, I would highly recommend the Hustler.  The only gripe I have is that I can't work Paul, NU4C who is only about 68 miles from me, and other close in stations.  Takeoff angle is just too low, but it works pretty good for distance.  As they say, verticals radiate equally poorly in all directions.  But when it is all you can have, it is a whole lot better than nothing.

Good luck with the hunt.  Hope you find a solution that works even better than what you had!  Let us know what you end up with.  73,
Rick - N7WE
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