Re: 30 meter activity

Bill Garwood

Finally checked the radio.  WX was too nice today!  Only signal seen was a very weak W3WMU.  I have not seen any FT8 on 10.140 although the E6ET DXPedition is listing 10.140 as their FT8 frequency.

I’ll check back a little later near sunset and see if any PSK31 signals show up.


Bill N4GBK in FM16 NC


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Subject: Re: [070Club] 30 meter activity
I find the quantity of station reporting to be less than it was. 
Seems a lot have concentrated on ft8.

Randy W4RTT

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The only station reporting my signal was WB6YTE on the Mexican border of California.


Paula K7PAX 1739


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Subject: Re: [070Club] 30 meter activity


Are you guys using PSK Reporter?  I only see Jerry - N9AVY and Rick - KI7OIY on 30m.  It is a VERY useful tool when trying to make connection under difficult conditions.  Shows Date, Time, Frequency, Grid, bearing, and distance.  You can set it to report last 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour....etc by band and mode.  I believe most software packages have a provision to activate automatic reporting to it.  I know HRD does.  Here's the link to the website.
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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