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Stephen Melachrinos

Stan -

Yes, ARRL sells a printed copy of the DXCC list for $5.95. But you can download a text file version of the entire entities list (current and deleted) at

The entity codes are in farthest right column. Since it's a rigidly-formatted text file, you might be able to import it into some programs.

And glad to see that Rick WS8G was able to make it work.


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I think Steve has the right idea.

Edit your log to add the DXCC Number (Entity Code) in the DXCC block.

Canada  1
Dominican Republic  72
Cuba  70
Venezuela  148
Columbia  116

These Entity Codes are available thru ARRL for $5.95. Possibly other places?

I am looking for a way to automatically populate this block. If anyone knows how, I would appreciate your post.

I thought the CTY.DAT lookup might do it, but I must have it messed up somehow.

GL, 73,
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Rick -

The checker wants DXCC, not DXCCPREFIX. DXCC is a one, two, or three digit integer that represents uniquely the DXCC entity. Canada is 1, and US is 291.

I don't know FLDIGI so I don't know how it gets that info to put into the ADIF, but that's what you are looking for.


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WS8G posted the following to the ContestGroup.  Since this group has many more members than the ContestGroup, I'm re-posting it over here in hopes that someone who knows FLDIGI can jump in and give Rick the answer he needs.  Today is the last day to post logs, and I'd hate to see him miss out on getting the credits he deserves.  Thanks in advance.

Rick - N7WE
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Re: St. Pat's Logs Due
imrisk@... 10:43am  #6143
Im having trouble with my international contacts in the St Patty’s contest.  They are all showing up as an error.

The log shows ?? for DXCCPREFIX for each of them.  I have tried several ways to log the countries in the DXCC ADIF column.  I don’t see any column in the ADIF which lists K for the US states… Maybe the logger is generating them.  I don’t see an available column for DXCCPREFIX in FLDIGI.

My countries are Canada, Dom Republic, Cuba, Columbia, and Venezuela.  I’ve tried country abbreviations (CA, DM, CU, CO, VE) in the country ADIF field and VO, HI, CO, HK, and YV in the DXCC column.

I’m sure I am doing something dumb.

Software: FLDIGI.

Any help appreciated.

Rick (WS8G)

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