FW: 17 Meter PSK31 Frequency

Bill Garwood

Hi folks,

See below.  No recommendation from EPC. 

My suggestion is for the PODXS 070 Club to pick a good frequency to use.  18.104?  Then publish that frequency on the club website in several places including in a prominent place where folks looking to earn the 17 meter awards can find it.  How many members are actively interested in working the necessary stations to get the 17 meter awards?  I’ll be glad to help.  Email me if and when you’d like to set up a 17 meter sked. 

There are some sites with the recommended band plan frequencies listed.  Contacting the administrator of those sites might also encourage others to find a useful spot other than 18.100.  Examples, there are more…





Right now, 17 meters is a good band for FT8 and should be good as well for PSK31, at least during the daylight hours.


73 and see you in this weekend’s contest.  (I’ve got one of those coveted “G”s for Erin Go Bragh)

Bill N4GBK


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From: Heinz Urban <dk5ur@...>
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To: Bill Garwood
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Hi Bill,

that's the digi mode sector. So the EPC has no special recommondations for PSK...
It's just a question of ham spirit and neighborly side by side...

cu Heinz, DK5UR

Am 14.03.2019 um 01:00 schrieb Bill Garwood:
Does the EPC have a recommendation for a good frequency to use for 17 meter PSK31?  The FT8 mode is now on 18.100.
Thank you!
Bill Garwood 
N4GBK EPC #02964

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