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Loren McCullough - WA3WZR

Hi, your friendly IOTA Endorsement manager here.

After a discussion with Jerry (N9AVY), we haven't posted anything about IOTA for a while, especially since we moved to, so I felt it was time to refresh memories and bring new members up to speed.

We follow the RSGB-IOTA rules ( - except for the QSL requirement of course).  All QSOs after 31 Dec 2008 are eligible for this endorsement.  Just submit your log to the endorsement checker, with the IOTA field in your ADIF file filled in.  It is that simple, but there are some things that complicate the checking of the endorsements.  We make every effort to validate your IOTA QSOs, but keep in mind the following:

- the otherside of the QSO MUST originate from an island.  that may seem obvious, but i have seen some people struggle with that (explanation below)
- not all islands are eligible to be included in an IOTA island group (details for anyone interested in what criteria they follow to determine if an island is included or not can be found here: )
- info is not always correct, the IOTA field in QRZ is optional and many people don't understand what it means and they just fill it in with something close to their QTH as if it was required, even if they are no where near an ocean.
- U.S. 1x1 callsigns are reused constantly and are only eligible for IOTA within specific dates, even though an IOTA may be listed in QRZ
- some software logging programs automatically fill in the IOTA data from QRZ, which just compounds the problem.

having said the above, one of our sources is QRZ.  many stations that go on IOTA dxpeditiions (or vacations) do post the islands they work from on their Bio page, it is just the IOTA info on the detail page that can be questionable.

A couple of great resources for viewing grid locations and verifying islands in the IOTA program are: - can be used to search by call-sign, grid, or address - can be used to visualize the IOTA group, lists which islands are in the group, and which islands are excluded from the group.  Be aware, the highlighted area is rectangular and may overlap other highlighted areas.  Take Cuba for example: Cuba is NA-015, but all of the other Cuba IOTA groups (NA-056, NA-086, NA-093, NA-201, NA-204, and NA-218) overlap the main island if you go strictly by the outline.  Some Highlighted areas will also show mainland areas; these are also not in the IOTA group (remember, the QSO must originate from an island).

Any entries in your log that we have already flagged as invalid, or questionable, are displayed on your endorsement checker page, at the bottom (example below), we will also send an email outlining any issues found while we are checking your application for the endorsement.

One other note, not everything listed in the below is a necessarily a problem, we flag some calls for manual credit because of multiple islands, or date dependent validity.  PJ2MI is a good example of this due to the split of Bonaire (SA-006) and Curacao (SA-099) in October 2010, we will manually apply credit if the IOTA group matches the eligible dates in these cases.

4 IOTA Issues:
    Please correct these issues before resubmitting your IOTA awards
If you have additional information on any of these IOTA calls/#'s, please email us at awards@....
We attempt to verify the IOTA activations using QRZ, RSGB, ClubLog, DXHeat, Google, etc, but sometimes there just isn't any confirmation.
Call IOTA# IOTACall IOTAGroup QSODate Band IOTA Boss Notes
SP6EIY EU-077 EA1JL La Coruna / Lugo Province group 20140414 15M supplied grid (IN52nt) does not map to an island (inland spain). No indication of a trip/activation and QRZ IOTA data can be incorrect. Further info needed to receive credit.
SP6EIY EU-186 TA2MN Turkey group 20170502 20M Supplied grid (KN40ov) does not map to an island. No indication of a trip/activation. Further info needed to receive credit.
YO3GGX EU-183 YO3GGX   20120428 30M supplied grid (FN34bk) does not map to an island. QRZ IOTA information may not be correct. Further information required for credit.
GW0IJY EU-124 GW0IJY   20170623 20M Incorrect IOTA. QTH is on Anglesey Island, which is excluded from IOTA group EU-124. should be EU-005


Any questions, certainly shoot me an email and I will help as much as I can.
73, Loren WA3WZR

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