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Jerry N9AVY



I know that every coin has 2 sides.  


For example, my brother was a high school drop-out at age 14.  He bummed around the country and ended up in NYC.  He worked doing summer stock and in restaurants, but tried other things.   He went to work for an advertising agency in NYC where he worked at promoting SAS , Sara Coventry jewelry, and Spanish wines; all went well until someone was looking for a promotion and dug into his references to find that he didn’t have a college degree. Even though he was doing great, he was fired. He later was a writer for some TV shows and comedians.   Fast forward a few years and ended up in South Berwick, ME where he rented out a $25/month old schoolhouse for the summer while he sublet his NYC apartment for $250/month ; his actual rent under rent control was $90/month.


He ran into some friends in ME and they decided to Winter there, but they all needed jobs.  They asked what they all knew and answered “restaurant biz”.  Very quickly it all came together and they opened up a place in Portsmouth (NH) called “The Blue Strawbery”.  My Brother was the Chef and the other 2 handled the Maitre’ d, public relations and bookkeeping jobs. Doing 2 seating of 36 per night they all became very successful. They eventually bought the entire building and opened up a chowder house in one part while collecting rents from other shops. Later they opened a restaurant in Memphis (TN).  While all this was happening my Brother, the H.S. dropout, began writing a cookbook which turned into another.  He went on to write 5 or 6 other books, a DVD and did guest speaker gigs (at $ 2 - 3K a pop) and received an Honorary Degree from a University . Add to that he had a small cooking program for WCVB-TV in Boston and was written up in major publications worldwide; even wrote a cooking article for Farmer’s Almanac !

The restaurant in NH closed down after he left to write more books.   There were many other honors he received, but I can’t recall them all.  I know he also taught a cooking class for blind people which gave some the courage to move out on their own.


To sum this all up, I’d say for a drop out he did well for himself.


I’ve met other people who have had little education and have done well.  One man I knew invented a machine in his garage and went on to own a huge company in Illinois as well as others in CA & NC.   There was another  with same story who started out in his garage.


These people are unique people whose minds work differently from the rest of us and may have been bored silly in college.  We need college-educated people, but we also need trades people. So, yes, there are 2 sides to every coin !


Jerry  N9AVY


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True Jerry, but every coin has two sides. 

After my father died, that law provided a job for me to keep my mom and myself (pumping gas nights and weekends) and still pay for my college.  But before that, I had also worked as a "grease monkey" (literally the kid in the shop who greased the log trucks every Saturday) while in high school.  So yeah, even a chimpanzee can pump their own gas.  And a "grease monkey" can finish college and have a career.  Two sides to everything.

Rick - N7WE
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