Re: FT8 vs other modes - my numbers


Hey Brian,
I wish it was that simple.
One KW is 4 miles to my east, He shows up for every contest or major band opening.
One 1,500 watt monster is behind me westward. He is a retired engineer who builds amps and spends his kids' inheritance.
When I turn north, there are 4 others within 20 miles that run 400-1000 watt anplifiers.
Because of FT8's narrow use bandwidth, nothing filters them out. The June VHF Contest was all out war, the CQ Contest didn't have great conditions.  I didn't bother turning the rig on for the January VHF Contest. Groundwave is a killer when you live in a big valley.  I haven't even mentioned Phoenix and eastern Arizona irritants.
Only good news was one became a Silent Key, but he wasn't one of the major problems. This is a retirement area.
Good news as well is after about 5 years here in the retired Ham invaded upper desert of Arizona, the XYL has had it with this place.
We will be locating ourselves somewhere in southern Oregon. I pray no one follows me :)  One other Ham near me has already moved there. At least he is not a VHF & 10M nut like me.
This station will shutdown by June, and no idea if and when I will be back up...... maybe never.
Hope to catch you all on Multi-Hop Es before then. I need 44 more 6M Grids confirmed to make 200. I had almost 400 in Texas. WAS on 6 and 10M would be nice too. I am at 145 on Triple Play WAS.
Art KA5DWI #2518

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