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David Yockey

You are right.  I work FT8 and have a lot of QSOs, but I have GREAT difficulty working DX on FT8.  I even have trouble working West Coast on FT8 while working a vast amount of DX on CW.  I am on DXCC Honor Roll but have trouble working Europe on FT8.  I can go to CW and work Europe easily.

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Mike, you are buying into a myth that both supporters and detractors of FT8

perpetuate. The myth that FT8 is superior for DX'ing, to other modes.


2018 was my "year of FT8". I participated in several on-air WSJT new feature

tests including DXpedition mode testing. I spent the vast majority of my

on-air hours, outside of contests, on FT8. I CQ'd a lot on FT8 and also

chased DX on FT8.


You ask: " Productive in what way?  To work new ones? ". I specifically

checked by 2018 log statistics for new band slots. I worked 4 new band slots

on 160M in 2018 - zero on FT8. I worked 13 new ones on 80M in 2018 - none on

FT8. I worked 5 new ones on 40M in 2018 - none on FT8. And so on.


You also ask: "How many countries did you work on FT8 that you did not or

could not work on any other mode." My answer: I worked 4 ATNO's in 2018.

None did I need FT8 to confirm.


Now, I did work 13 of DXpeditions in 2018 for new digital mode DXCC credit

in 2018. If I look at these stats, 8 of them I worked on RTTY, and 5 I

worked on FT8. But the ones I worked on FT8 completely neglected RTTY - they

never did any RTTY at all or made only a handful of RTTY Q's. I'm sure I

could've completed a RTTY QSO with any of those 5 if they had made an effort

on RTTY.


No matter how I slice it or dice it, FT8 is not a superior mode. Both the

detractors and supporters of FT8 are suffering from the myth that FT8 makes

DX'ing easier. It does not. I tried hard to max out FT8 using any

quantitative measure in 2018 - just look at the number of hours I invested

- and FT8 came up short in every single measure, including the

hard-DX-oriented measures you propose.


Tim N3QE




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