Re: Up and running portable in Lake Havasu

Paula K7PAX #1739

Paul, I will be here for a while, so you’ll have a chance to get me on 40 meters. And anyone else that needs a YL on 40 meters! Come one, come all! I will be on this evening if at all possible!


Paula K7PAX 1739


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Paula’s got a great signal on 20m into the PNW USA.  And yes, Suke JM7OLW is booming in here as well, down low.  Suke has been appearing pretty consistently every afternoon.  Always great to connect with hiim!


I’m sad I won’t be home to try 40m tonite, I think that would get my 88 Tri-Band endorsement.


-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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And I just worked my friend Suke, JM7OLW in Fukushima on 20m easy. I’m so stoked! This is gonna be so much fun! Woo Hoo!


Paula K7PAX 1739


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Subject: Re: [070Club] Up and running portable in Lake Havasu


Worked Paula easily from central Florida on 20m.  Strong signal, but I did have some local QRM that got in the way.  She had the dipole leaning against the house - and up only about 15 ft!  But it worked!  She is planning to be on 40m this evening.  Look for her and give her a call!  
Rick - N7WE
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