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40/15 work as a dual band



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Subject: [070Club] Seeking antenna suggestions


Hi group! I am going to Lake Havasu City for a month and want to take my IC7000 with me. I do not have a portable antenna setup to use with it.


I was looking at the MFJ Octopus kit which gives you the hub and a set of 4 pairs of hamsticks. I would buy a tripod and pushup mast for it.  Anyone ever used one or anything like it?


One of the questions I have is “which four pairs of hamsticks should I choose?” I am asking this because I know what bands I want to work, but I have read where sometimes one set can tune up on more than one band – 40/20 meters I think. I was thinking I want to work 15, 20, and 40. I also want VHF, so I could either choose a VHF pair, or I could mount my VHF vertical on top, and choose another HF pair, say 10 or 80 meters to fill out the octopus.


I would love to hear everyone chime in and give me their ideas. I am leaving in a week, so I either have to move fast and get something ordered, or just have it shipped to my destination in AZ.


What would you guys do? I’ve never operated portable before. I know a lot of you have.


Paula K7PAX 1739

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