Ham Cruise & 160m SWL'ing


Phil is correct...the Captain is the L & M when that ship pulls away from it's berth...but it's a ham cruise...so, maybe...
Back in the day...('86)...W5DC (sk) and his wife, Dixie, and me and my YL, Sandy, went on a regular type cruise. What we did was to go topside at night and SWL on a pair of SONY 2010 battery powered, portable receivers...(about the size of a Webster's Collegiate Dict.) 
We listened almost exclusively on 160m...wrote down the AF and EU calls we heard in the middle of the So Pacific, then sent out SWL cards when we got back on tierra firma... what a hoot!
It was a great cruise!...Sandy and Dixie won $13,900 in a slot tournament! Cash...dead President's! and NO W-4! ...Did I say it was a great cruise?

Sometimes, it's really nice to think about "back in the day"! I've got so much stored in RAM, that I think I may need to stick my finger in a 110 V socket to reset it.

Steve, 3HF, would that work?

John, good luck, and enjoy the cruise...
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I thought Carnival and Royal banned radios.  They didn't let me take my 817 pack last time.  Good luck if you can, you have to have captain's permission just FYI.    Let us know the skit if you can do it.  73

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Well, I haven't been on my radio for the last few months, since we've been in the middle of a move, but I plan to remedy that situation starting this weekend, when the XYL and I hop on board Carnival for a Ham Cruise!    I plan to work a lot of PSK when I get my radio time, so please look for me.  I'm told we will have updated location data, so this may be a chance to get some grids that are rather unique!

If I can post when my shifts are, I will do so. 



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