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Very thorough and accurate dissertation. I think you're experiencing what many of us have felt and practiced.
Operating, and the use of strange and different software as well as a new mode is always fun and a challenge.
Sift carefully the responses you receive to queries for information and operating tips.
I won't say that anyone would steer you wrong with phony info. on purpose. But I will say that some information is more accurate than others. There are many amongst the membership that post nonsense just to see their call in print.
Enjoy the mode!...Enjoy the hobby!...The 070 Club is still the best with the most complete data and info base in the world of digital communications!
Milt. N6MG
LONP #76

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Starting a new thread, since the one on PSK fest is getting pretty long... 
I concur with N4GBK that “Our contests are fun and laid back.  Enjoy.”
Will you entertain some comments from a “newbie” to PSK-31?  I have been active in Ham Radio only since 2016, and found my way (with no help) to PSK-31 in 2017.  Although I am now comfortable with PSK-31 and have a PODXS membership, I still consider myself very much a rookie with lots to learn in digital operation.  Many of my QSOs have been with hams interested in helping me out, with comments on signal quality or operating technique or just a friendly “welcome”.  A few, unfortunately, have been grumpy, impatient, or downright rude – and it’s those folks who discourage newcomers to the hobby when we really need to be encouraging new blood.
I think that in amateur radio, we are often guilty of thinking that others have the same interests as we do -- and become impatient or frustrated when our expectations don’t match up.  Some operators like to collect DX contacts, and want only to exchange call signs and log the contact.  Their “wham, bam, thank you ham” QSOs seem unfriendly or even impolite to the folks who are looking for a rag-chew.  Hard-core competitors can be so intent on running up a score that they discourage the new folks who, even if they realize a contest is underway may be unsure on how to participate or hesitant to do so.
When I answered “CQ PSKfest” last Saturday, I assumed the ham on the other end was involved in the contest and, after establishing initial contact, gave the contest exchange.  But when I saw only “CQ” and then after the initial exchange started receiving the usual macros (or even better, actual typing), I was willing to chew the rag for as long as it was fun.  We shouldn’t assume that just because we have a contest on a weekend, the bands are reserved for contest use only.  Some folks still like to communicate, and with PSK-31 we certainly are not so constrained in bandwidth that we can’t satisfy all interests.
So I’d encourage all of us (especially you more experienced hams) to be willing to take a breather during the PSK contests, provide some encouragement and education for the folks who may be new to amateur radio or PSK-31 or unfamiliar with PODXS 070, and help others to have as much fun as you are having in the hobby. 
Mike  W4BZM  PODXS 070 #2653  

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