Re: 2019 PSK Fest—The musing of a tired, old and sometime grumpy mind—MORE

Bill Garwood

Some comments on this subject:

It might be prudent to provide a short paragraph just before each of our contests to remind folks of what they need to do for a proper contest exchange.  We already tell them we need the S/P/C etc.  What we do not tell them is what we do not need.  I get club members sending me their names, membership number, city, county, grid square etc. as part of the contest.  If it is not part of the rules for that particular contest, leave it out.  Contest macros set up before the contest can help.


With that said, I’ve been in a lot of the 070 Club contests and beyond working PSK modes.  When I started with PSK years ago, I was told more than one time that if you want to work DX or contests with digital, “you stay away from PSK as the PSK operators do not know how to operate properly.  RTTY is where the action is.”  I’m a bit hard headed and operated PSK31 anyway and have had a good time working DX, contests and rag chewing.  I was W1AW/4 NC in 2014 and gave out over 900 PSK31 contacts in one week.  I could not get into any kind of flow.  I was the pileup.  Tried to operate split, no one knew how to do it.  Tried to work areas, EU only, W6 only, etc.  nada…Similar problems with the state QSO party, just less stations calling. 


PSK folks are not going to get your QSO rate up and if you let that bother you, it will just get your blood pressure rate up.  Our contests are fun and laid back.  Enjoy.  Even the dupes, and the newbies who want you to help them get something going in the middle of you trying to rack up more points and cause you to miss a new one.


Happy Radio 2019!


Bill N4GBK in FM16 NC  #1688


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A typical contest QSO, PSK, RTTY, SSB and CW has a rhythm and flow to it. For example:

  • CQ CQ PSK Fest de NN9K NN9K k (I call CQ)

  • NN9K de N9BIL N9BIL kn (I get an answer)

  • N9BIL 599 IL—IL N9BIL bk (I send my report)

  • NN9K QSL ur 599 IL IL de N9BIL (He confirms my info and sends his)

  • N9BIL QSL 73 tu NN9K QRZ PSK Fest (I confirm his info and am ready for
    another caller)

Quick, easy and everyone received the required exchange and confirmed it.

But I had this happen several times in the Fest:

  • CQ CQ PSK Fest de NN9K NN9K k (I call CQ)

  • NN9K de N9YPN ur 599 IL QSL? (He answers me and sends his information BUT how did he know I heard/saw him?

  • So I send N9YPN 599 IL IL k – and get nothing back from him! So did he get my information or not? Since there was no confirmation he received my information I can’t log the QSO. Just wasted time and a QSO point!

  • Even if I send N9YPN QSL UR 599 IL IL k – I still need a confirmation from him before I can move on to another QSO.

  • If I get NN9K QSL 73 de N9YPN k then I can send N9YPN QSL 73 TU NN9K QRZ PSK Fest

Several times in the Fest I didn’t receive confirmation that my information was received and I lost several QSO points. A pretty simple tutorial can be found buried in the ARRL Field Day information packet, some folks might want to read it.

I do have to compliment a couple of pretty good operators who after I called QRZ PSK Fest immediately sent their call and we completed a QSO very quickly.

Not trying to change the world folks but as Jerry, N9AVY said in another post “everyone needs to keep contacts ASAP (As Short As Possible)” In a radio contest of any kind the name of the game is RATE. You have to have the QSOs as well as the multipliers to win. How you balance the QSO/multiplier chase is up to your operating style and goals. But even if you are in contest just for fun or just to make a few contacts you can help the other operators by keeping the contacts ASAP and follow the accepted format.



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