2019 PSK Fest—The musing of a tired, old and sometime grumpy mind—MORE

Peter, NN9K #2629

A typical contest QSO, PSK, RTTY, SSB and CW has a rhythm and flow to it. For example:

  • CQ CQ PSK Fest de NN9K NN9K k (I call CQ)

  • NN9K de N9BIL N9BIL kn (I get an answer)

  • N9BIL 599 IL—IL N9BIL bk (I send my report)

  • NN9K QSL ur 599 IL IL de N9BIL (He confirms my info and sends his)

  • N9BIL QSL 73 tu NN9K QRZ PSK Fest (I confirm his info and am ready for
    another caller)

Quick, easy and everyone received the required exchange and confirmed it.

But I had this happen several times in the Fest:

  • CQ CQ PSK Fest de NN9K NN9K k (I call CQ)

  • NN9K de N9YPN ur 599 IL QSL? (He answers me and sends his information BUT how did he know I heard/saw him?

  • So I send N9YPN 599 IL IL k – and get nothing back from him! So did he get my information or not? Since there was no confirmation he received my information I can’t log the QSO. Just wasted time and a QSO point!

  • Even if I send N9YPN QSL UR 599 IL IL k – I still need a confirmation from him before I can move on to another QSO.

  • If I get NN9K QSL 73 de N9YPN k then I can send N9YPN QSL 73 TU NN9K QRZ PSK Fest

Several times in the Fest I didn’t receive confirmation that my information was received and I lost several QSO points. A pretty simple tutorial can be found buried in the ARRL Field Day information packet, some folks might want to read it.

I do have to compliment a couple of pretty good operators who after I called QRZ PSK Fest immediately sent their call and we completed a QSO very quickly.

Not trying to change the world folks but as Jerry, N9AVY said in another post “everyone needs to keep contacts ASAP (As Short As Possible)” In a radio contest of any kind the name of the game is RATE. You have to have the QSOs as well as the multipliers to win. How you balance the QSO/multiplier chase is up to your operating style and goals. But even if you are in contest just for fun or just to make a few contacts you can help the other operators by keeping the contacts ASAP and follow the accepted format.



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