Re: IOTA Activations

Loren McCullough - WA3WZR

For 070 endorsements, just let me know the dates and callsign of the activation at iota@... , and I will make not of it for future credit.

For RSGB IOTA, it is a bit more complicated.

 Here is what I can find from the IOTA website  

Cards submitted for credit should show clearly the callsign used on the air and the island location at the time of the contact:
1) the callsign used for the operation must be printed (not handwritten or part hand-written),
2) the name of the island from which the operation took place must be printed (not handwritten) on the QSL card, as the IOTA Reference Number alone is not sufficient, and
3) the island name must be one that is recognized through its listing in the IOTA Directory
Cards with handwritten island names will never be acceptable and will be rejected.
No,  it  is  normally  not  necessary for  operations  from  routinely activated  groups  to  inform  us  in  advance.  Just let  the  DX bulletins   know   your   plans   so   that   they   can   publicise   the operation.  However,  this  said,  there  are occasions  when  you need to be in contact with us. If you plan to operate from a new, i.e. provisionally numbered, or rare IOTA group or a group which geography,  politics,  or  licensing  or  environmental  restrictions make  difficult to  access, contact  us  early  in the  planning  stage as there is a validation procedure you will need to follow for your operation  to  be  accepted  for  IOTA. For  these  you  will  need  to provide  supporting  documentation after  the  operation. For any operations,it  is  prudent  to  keep  travel  invoices,  ticket  stubs, permits   and   evidence   of   being   on   the   island   in   case   of subsequent challenge.

As far as cards vs. clublog,    cards are not required when using clublog matching.

My comments:

for your brief activation, I am not sure it is worth the effort to have those QSOs recognized by RSGB, and I am not sure who you would contact as it is after the fact.

I have used Clublog matching to get my RSGB IOTA certificate, their crediting goes something like this (The QSO in your log must match the activators log exactly)
- callsigns that can only map to a single island are counted automatically
- for all other IOTA groups, they list specific callsigns granted approval for that IOTA, and this list is updated periodically

Sample list:
AF-001 3B6RF  
AF-002 Any from Amsterdam & St Paul Islands  
AF-003 Any from Ascension Island  
AF-004 Any from Canary Islands  
AF-005 D44EE  
AF-005 D44TEG  
AF-045 6V1IS/P  
NA-076 AA8LL/4  
NA-076 K4KGG  
NA-076 KC8PG/1F4  
NA-076 W4/SP5APW  
NA-076 W4DFU  
NA-076 W4HY  
NA-076 W9DC  
NA-076 WW2PT  

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