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Bill Garwood

No signal problems noted here for you Jim.  Worked you on two bands.  Saw you on the waterfall a lot.


There is some kind of phenomenon that I’ve observed on multiple occasions on PSK31 on 20 meters fairly late in the afternoon.  When I first started with PSK31, I’d get the occasional complaint about my signal degrading when I had not made any changes to my transmitting setup.  That is what prompted me to get a PSK IMD meter.  What happens is a station’s signal will get broad and distorted on the waterfall for a few minutes then it will return to normal.  It acts like the transmitting station has turned on a linear and is running lots of power with a lot of ALC.  When it is doing this, the distortion will seem to move from one station to another one.  From here, I see it on stations to the west of me maybe 500 to 1000 miles away.  Only happens occasionally and only for a few minutes then goes away.  My very uneducated guess is this is some kind of multipath propagation that occurs under certain conditions.  Maybe the sun angle?  Maybe an atmospheric cloud?  The transmitted signal arrives at the receiver in a jumble.  It gets the PSK Police in an uproar.  Anyway, I’d not be too concerned about it.


Had fun in the contest.  Happy Radio.


Bill N4GBK in FM16 eastern NC.


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Was N5SLY running a multi-op site?  It seemed all weekend that
regardless of which band I went to, I could see people contacting him. 
Just kidding folks, Lee lives about 30 miles away, and I rarely can see
his signal. We did manage to get two bands in this weekend.

As for me, it's a miracle that anyone could see/hear me on the band. 
Had problems both days with tuner telling me to QRP whenever I set
output for more than 22 watts.  Could not figure out the problem, but
operated anyway.  Then, this morning, I discovered that the entire time
I was connected to my 20 year old vertical that has broken/missing
parts, no wonder it wouldn't tune properly.    Also does anyone that
made a contact with me have any comments about my signal?  Late Saturday
afternoon, was told that I had a dirty, wide, signal.

Other than my man-made issues, I did manage to survive, won't come near
to Lee in points, but beat last year which is all good. PSKFest is fun,
and the waterfall shows what the bands used to be like in this mode. 
Too bad more people don't get on the air more frequently to maintain
quantity of signals in the waterfall.


Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

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