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Stephen Melachrinos

Rick -

Good questions, and important if you want your contacts to be able to claim official IOTA credit.

1. I don't think ANY activation requires pre-authorization, but activation of very rare groups may require documentation (after-the-fact) to prove you actually were there and had authorization to operate. I don't think any Florida groups would qualify--may Dry Tortugas. I had no problem with any that I've activated, and that included VQ9 (which has restrictive travel requirements). I think the rule applies for islands like Bouvet, or Peter I, or that type of rare.

2. I'm pretty sure at this time, paper QSLs are required. (There might be an exception if you activate an island during an IOTA contest and submit--as the activator--your log). And I stated the rules of what has to be printed--the island name which has to be listed as a qualifying island in an island group. But these don't have to be commercially-printed--I've printed my own. In fact, I've printed a couple for some contacts I made with an activator who wasn't using IOTA-compliant cards. (I wanted the credit, printed a card for him to sign, and mailed it to him with an SASE. Of course, I pre-coordinated with him after he sent me one of those non-complying cards.) I think they will also accept the island information on the "QSO information sticker" that logging programs create.

3. I'm not familiar with how ClubLog confirmations work wrt IOTA.

4. I've only submitted paper cards to a checker.


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Loren, Steve, and anyone else-
I'm a real newbie on the IOTA stuff.  My original intent was to just to put NA-076 on-air for 070 members since I was going to be on Cedar Key anyway.   It was such a bust, yet so much fun, that I'm now thinking about activating some of the remaining 9 Florida IOTA Groups.  But if I'm going to do that, I want to do it right so those chasing RSGB IOTAs (as opposed to just the 070 IOTAs) can get credit if they want it. But after reading everything on the IOTA website, I'm still not sure what I need to do. I'm not looking for Activator credits, but here are some of my questions (probably really dumb questions):
Does an activation of a previously activated group require pre-authorization by IOTA? 
Do I have to make/send paper QSLs  - with a printed (not hand written) name of the island - specific to that activation in order for those I work to claim credit ?
Does uploading to ClubLog only do it for DXpedition activations?  It seems from the website that it works for any activation, but then it talks about paper cards required.
Does IOTA still only use paper cards for checking?  The website seems to suggest use of ClubLog, but I'm not clear.

Any guidance greatly appreciated!  (I get by with a little help from my friends!)

Rick - N7WE

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