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Paul - while that would be nice to have, it'd have to be updated every day (or night) in order to remain current.  QRZ discourages such regular automated things as it ties up their query systems. 

Other attempts to automatically query the QRZ database have been only semi-successful, with random errors and lack of information returned being the big two things, with neither rhyme nor reason being evident. 

Besides that, some of the grid information in QRZ is inaccurate, as it's derived through geo-location rather than user supplied information.

Sorry for the less than encouraging response...


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On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 11:51 AM Paul Milward <nu4c@...> wrote:
Thank you. I was able to open the file and color my worked Grids with a green background. It is a great visual aid and will be a big help in (hopefuly) completing the Grid chase.
I have a question for all you computer gurus. Is there a way to bounce the 070 member list against the QRZ database? If so, can the Grid data in QRZ be added to each member's row in the 070 member list?
Paul NU4C 

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Subject: [070Club] Maidenhead Grid Map

I would like to share something I created in Excel.  It is a representation of the continental us using grid squares.  I use it to keep track of my PSK grid contacts.  I highlight the appropriate squares.  Not sure anyone is interested.  Let me know.  Not sure if I can attach the files but I will try.

A great New Year to all.

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