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Peter, NN9K #2629

Rick--so I am not in your log--my log shows we worked at 18:16..................

On 1/4/2019 9:11 AM, Rick - N7WE wrote:
Well the activation did not go as good as I had hoped.  Cedar Key is neat with an interesting history, but I immediately encountered battery problems and had to repeatedly reduce TX power to keep things going.  Once you get below 20w into a ham stick.....well my reach was not good.  I did see you Loren and tried to connect, but I didn't have enough power to overcome the QSB.  I did manage to work 4 stations - Don K9DEB, Andy WB7DKZ/9, Brandon KC9YYT, and Rolland KJ6DQ before I had to give up entirely.  The SLA was fully charged before leaving home, but evidently it has reached EOL as it went away like it didn't want to be there!  So a new one will be ordered before my next /P attempt.

This was my first try at activating an IOTA and I'm not entirely sure what is needed for you four to claim credit towards official IOTA Chaser awards.  But I did upload to ClubLog which, if I have it right, will match and credit NA-076 to you. 

Thanks to those who worked me, thanks to those who tried, and thanks to all who looked but couldn't see me.  And my apologies to those who tried and I didn't get you. It was still fun. Florida has 10 different IOTA Island Groups - some of them close by - so there may be another "attempted activation" in the future.

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