Endorsements - 2018 DX Specials & 2019 DX Specials

Rick - N7WE

The year is coming to a close and with it comes changes in DX Special Endorsements.

2018 DX Special Endorsements for Germany, Alaska, and Puerto Rico close at 2359 UTC December 31, 2018, but you have until January 31, 2019 to post your log to qualify for these endorsements. 

2019 DX Special Endorsements open at 0000 UTC January 1, 2019.  The three new entities will be Italy, Hawaii, and Mexico.  To qualify for the endorsement, work 20 different stations during the calendar year (PSK31 mode only) that are operating from within the specified entity.  Progress is automatically tracked by the Awards Progress Checker.

Hawaii and Mexico should provide opportunities for stations in western North and South America, Japan and the Pacific.  Italy provides good opportunity for European stations, the Middle East, and Africa.  As for eastern and mid-west North America - don't they always have it easy???  Maybe the sun will favor us with better propagation in 2019....but it is still early for Solar Cycle 25.  Hope springs eternal!

"Happy New Year!" to all and hope to see you on the waterfall for PSK Fest!  It begins January 5, 2019 at 0000 UTC.

Rick - N7WE
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