Operating remote

Jerry N9AVY

While operating remote is a handy way to work contests and/or look for various endorsements, there is one drawback that I can see.    When I visit my Daughter in MN (about 350 miles from my QTH), I see different propagation and see a lot of stations  I would not normally see.  So, operating remote is sometimes shortchanging yourself which is why I prefer portable/mobile operation.  Knowing it’s not always possible to take radios along with one on a trip… especially if you fly…  if you can take radios with you so much the better.


Also, we all have to remember that just because someone in one state or side of country hears a station, there is no guarantee that someone else in a different area may hear that station (mostly mentioned for any new people to ham radio).  Just like weather, you open your window and what you see is what you have, hi , hi !


It’s all just a hobby and we should enjoy it with all of its little frustrations.  Most of all, just have fun !


Jerry  N9AVY


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