Re: xmas 25/25

Jerry N9AVY




You still won because you added 6 more members to your LONP total.   Between family obligations I tried to get on to help others after making my 25, but didn’t find much.   Perhaps there should be a part 2 to the Xmas 25 by using Orthodox Christmas which is in January ???  


Jerry  n9avy



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thanks for the club call QSO, but not even that helped me to get close to the 25 threshold - just not enough time between cooking and other family activities. I ended up with 14 valid QSO's (I had one duplicate, so 15 total for Christmas day). Even though I did not get close, I ended up adding six more 070 members to my log - only 37 more to go for LONP :) 


Karl Heinz - K5KHK




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