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Dan Morris - KZ3T

I suspect a lot of that billion and many from the same ones over and over who do take the time to QSL.  If people don’t want to QSL, then why even sign up for LoTW??  That just does not compute.

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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1 Billion… and counting yet I still cannot get more than about 60% of my QSO’s confirmed… go figure!! LOL
73 de K3JAE
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I'm passing this on through the courtesy of "The Daily DX", as published by Bernie, W3UR.
As of earlier today some 999,319,979 QSOs have been entered into the 
LoTW system. We probably will see the first billionth QSO sometime 
Ain't that something!
Milt. N6MG 
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:) Finally won my first 070 contest! Had a lot of fun and really went all-in for it this time. We've been through a stressful little patch with a sick kitty at home - the one on my QRZ profile has been having some eye trouble - so it was fun to get back on the air and return to my hobbies after a while. 
Thanks all!
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The logs are all in and we have the results of the 2018 Low Band Sprint Doubleheader.

Top Dwag and 1st in Medium Power is W5MMW - Matt - 070 #2552 from Chattanooga, TN
1st in High Power is W3WMU - Jeff - 070 #1673 from Sturgis, MS
1st in Low Power is W3HF - Steve - 070 #0025 from Collegeville, PA
1st in QRP is KC1DVT - Walt - 070 #2196 from Falmouth, ME
Congratulations to our winners and Thank You to all who entered.  Complete results are available by clicking on this LINK.

That wraps up the 070 Contests for another year.  It was a great year with more participation than we have seen in a long time.  2019 promises to be even better!  If you haven't played in our contests, why not give it a go in the upcoming PSKFest beginning 0000 UTC January 5th? Get the details by clicking HERE. You don't have to be a "contester" to play.  All are welcome and we are low key without the "edge" one finds in many contests!  Patience Abounds!  Join in the fun!

Rick - N7WE
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