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On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 05:29 PM, Rick - N7WE wrote:
Well, I guess that was fun.  Sure learned a lot.  Just have to figure out what it was I learned...hi hi.  Made 5 Qs in about 25 minutes.  First was with a station in WI - 1107 miles.  Last and closest in was with NC - 482 miles, and he was the only one under 900 miles.  PSK Reporter showed me copied in Canada and California!  If this thing works like that at 10 ft, I have to figure out how to get it up to 30-35 which I think is the recommended minimum height for a 40m dipole.  Go figure!  

Interesting that the more distant stations were all solid 599 on recieve, but the NC station was only partial copy at about 459.  So I think this thing radiates much better than it hears.  

Anyway, it comes down at daylight tomorrow.  HOA you know!  Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Paul, I'm ready to give up on us having a Q - maybe if I just holler loud!  It is only 60 miles after all.

Rick - N7WE
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Maybe try it with a dummy load - you never know.
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