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Rick - I pretty much do the same thing that Jerry suggested.  I have tried calling the station I needed either a little up or down from where he is and it has worked several times.   That being said, I have also jumped in and gave a quick ‘up or down ‘ and moved on hoping he heard me and that has worked quite often.  I think the station who was CQ’ing would appreciate that more than you know. 

I’ve been doing a lot (a whole lot) of CW now (renewed interest) in the SKCC club which I joined back in July and have had to jump in and have a station move and have had it done to me and you tend to appreciate when the guys do that and let you continue on your CQ’ing.

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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Thanks Jerry.  Any others want to jump in here?  What do you do?  All are welcome!
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