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That's what I always assumed, and I never heard an alternate explanation.


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Have often wondered why some of us put “dit dit” after the other station signs off.  Know that it was a habit I picked up from my days as a Novice in late 1970’s.  It was the end of the old tune “Shave and a Haircut” because  it was very musical on CW, but usually involed one station sending “dididididit” and the other ending with “dit dit”.  I was friendly & fun !
Guess it carried over to PSK31 as a means of acknowledging that you heard the other station’s final transmission.
It means that you took the time to listen rather than hop on to another QSO.
Does anyone know another version of this ???
Jerry  n9avy
P.S.  -  I’ve noticed over the past few years that many U.S. stations seem to be getting sloppy about IDing . FCC Part 97.119 states that a station must transmit its call sign at the end of the transmission and every 10 minutes in between.  As an OO I used to send out a lot of notices on these infractions on various modes.  Since the OO program is coming to a close and I dropped my ARRL membership this is no longer my concern.  BUT,  when I’m hunting for PSK stations and a station goes on & on for 5 minutes or more in saying “Goodbye” and then says  “73”  with no call sign follow… I get frustrated because I may have wanted a QSO. 
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