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We all are having RFI problems which will only get worse as more and more homes get filled with cheap electronic gadgets.   Many top band (160m) DXers move to very quiet locations with few neighbors. They install antenna designed for 160m and have the real estate to do that. Yes, they have deep pockets unlike most of us who are poorer than the proverbial “church mouse” in comparison. 


Most go with a vertical for transmitting and then use Beverage antennas for receiving or perhaps a 160m loop.

Antenna that are some distance from shack may be fed with hard line up to 1  5/8 inch diameter to keep losses to a minimum. (cost of hardline connectors is expensive and one could buy lots of  PL-259s for the price of 1 hardline connector).


This may be beyond the means of many hams. But we all try to do what we can.  Hope you manage to work DE soon !


Jerry  N9AVY


P.S.  My noise level on 20 m is S-9 right now and this morning 40m was just AC hum .



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And I have almost none of those.  100W to a G5RV with one end 50ft up in a tree and another 10ft up on the edge of my fence.  In the 50Ft tree I have about 30ft hanging down the tree. I live near Boeing in Everett and have major Retail stores all around me. Noise level at best S8 and a lot of times S9+10


Scotty W7PSK



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The trick to mobiling on 160m is to find a route which has no underpasses.  Good luck on that !   Even truckers find them hard to find.  Also , even with top hats 160m mobile whips are inefficient which makes for lots of signal loss.  It’s possible to work across US , but you need a good set of ears, good propagation and almost a low noise level. 


Probably need a 160m yagi at least 6 elements !  Hah-hah !


Jerry  n9avy


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