Play on PropNET and End of the PropNET Project


Hi Everybody,
For your information. My love for PSK31 began with Propnet and TARA events. I have forwarded these messages from the PropNet Yahoo group (and Ev Tupis W2EV) and hope that you all find time to participate in its last event. 
For me, I have composed about 30 papers, blogs and presentations on propagation based on PropNet data. It has been fun.
73 Art Jackson KA5DWI #2518

The month of December is traditionally a very good month for 10 meter propagation.  2018's version is particularly interesting because of where we are in the sunspot cycle.
For a number of reasons, on-the-air participation as a PropNET probe (a station that TX's) has declined significantly.  LETS SHOW OUR SPIRIT FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER.
Spend time NOW to get a probe on-the-air, on 10 meters (even if you abandon other bands to do so) for the ENTIRE month of December.
Ev, W2EV

The PropNET Project will close at the end of 2018, right after the December PoP that was just announced.  NOW is the time to put your callsign into the database for posterity.
It has been an awesome ride.  Along the way we have documented new phenomena and substantiated others quantitatively.

None of this would have been possible without the "foundation&qu ot; of visionaries including Jeff (N7YG) for the client, Dave (KF6XA) for the web/database work and Tony (KC6QJO) for the first/primary LiveXchange data aggregator.
Similar kudos to the early adopters who proved the concept of "automatically controlled digital station approach to 'probing for propagation&# 39;" ; starting with Steve Dimse (K4HG) who adopted APRS' "findu. com" system to incorporate our data when it was carried on AX.25 packet.

We pioneered approaches that were adopted by others.  Other approaches seemed to be uniquely ours; we may be the only digital mode that avoids QRM to human-controlled operations to the same degree as many human operators do.
For now, let's focus on the December 2018 PoP's success (for North America and around the those who can operate as "unattended, automatically controlled digital stations" as we can in the USA).
Let's make December 2018 one of the most memorable in PropNET history!
Ev, W2EV

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