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F.R. Ashley

Hi all,

The main reason you can earn WAS on FT-8 quickly is because that is where everyone is at!   If same amount of people were on RTTY, CW, or whatever, the difficulty would be greatly diminished just as much as FT-8.  So it's not the mode, it's the activity.   I don't see a problem with earning WAS in a week or one day..   I can earn WAS in one or 2 days in almost any mode by simply operating in a popular contest, so what's the big deal about FT-8.  Be glad there is a mode that stimulates so much activity, especially during this period of bad condx. 

73 have fun,

Buddy WB4M


On 11/15/2018 03:18 PM, Ray Clements wrote:

I have no idea where you got the idea that you could complete WAS in a week using FT8. I have confirmed 49 states using FT8, but it took several month. I have not even seen a signal from Hawaii, much less confirmed the contact.

I have confirmed 38 DX entities on FT8, but that is nowhere close to what I confirmed back when propagation was much better.

Making contacts using FT8 when sunspots are hovering around zero may well be more difficult that completing awards on RTTY when sunspots were averaging 250 back in the latter half of the 20th century and 10 meters was wide open much of the time. Should all the contacts you made back then be considered invalid because propagation is no longer that good and perhaps won't be for many years, if ever? Of course not.

Furthermore, when some people are working with QRP rigs and others are working full legal power. Are the awards issued to the full-power hams somehow less relevant than the QRP operators?  Should awards issued to hams  with antenna farms be invalidated because other hams cannot afford them. That would be absurd.

Hams use what ever equipment, antennas, modes and frequencies available to them to make contacts within the constraints of propagation. When people complete awards that gives them the opportunity to paying money to get a certificate or plaque from ARRL. That plaque may be meaningful to you because you know the effort you expended to earn it. It has zero value to anyone else.


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