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Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

Hi Bill

All you need to do is save them in .csv format and it should work

Justin KC2GIK

Hi David,

For some reason those files are in .txt format I see no way to import
them into excel or OpenOffice Calc. Maybe I have not had enough coffee eyt

On 11/15/2018 03:34, David Westbrook wrote:
For member data, you can download CSV files here:
Specifically the  "Current Members Data" and "Callsigns" files have
the exact info you're looking for -- callsign and home QTH (US/VE
state/province, or country name)

Those are automatically updated from the club roster, and in CSV form
so you can easily use them in XLS , programs, or input files.


On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 6:42 PM Jerry N9AVY <
<>> wrote:

Never could get the software for MixW  to work on any of my
computers; so I gave up on it. Tried to make my own list of just
DX (including VE & KP4, but not AK or HI.)

Well it went pretty well and since it for my own use and derived
from the alpha list , I thought I’d share it with anyone who might
be able to use it.  I do not guaranty it to be accurate and there
may be some typos. It’s 2 pages in alpha-numeric style. I was
surprised to find over 600 members who are outside U.S. borders.

Jerry N9AVY

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Justin Mattes-KC2GIK

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