Re: Last ADIF Upload?

Ray Clements


I see you are an LoTW member. If you have uploaded to LoTW recently, but prior to you log corruption, you might be able to retrieve lost data from there.

QRZ lists your contacts only through 09/23/2018, so it misses the last six weeks.


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Subject: [070Club] Last ADIF Upload?

I was wondering if it's possible to retrieve the last ADIF file that I uploaded to the Membership Endorsement database on August 31? I seem to have lost some of my log sometime in September - and I'm really not sure how I did that!  I've been able to recover about 90% of it but would like to have the latest file I uploaded to run an import just to have as complete of a log as I can.

Jody - KJ0DY

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