Re: ADIF Upload Problems

Harry Wilkins



I had the exact same problems a few weeks ago – maybe it was a few months, no report information, no numbers changing and everything showing zeros.  I was sure it was me but I just went back and tried the same ADIF file I had used the last time it failed, and this time it worked perfectly, all my numbers are correct and it shows the report  Information.  I've made no changes, even using the original ADIF file.  Go figure?


I'm using HRD software.


Harry, K9HW




From: [] On Behalf Of Karl Heinz Kremer
Sent: November 1, 2018 1:18 PM
Subject: [070Club] ADIF Upload Problems


For the last few days, I am having problems with uploading ADIF files to the Checker. I can upload, but besides getting the correct number of records on the actual upload page, there does not seem to be any data extracted. When I click on my call sign, all categories show zero. Not even the information about the ADIF producer is shown anymore. 


When I first tried to debug this, I noticed that I had a number of errors that were reported behind the "rpt" link, I tried to resolve all these and that still did not make any difference. Even cutting the file down to just a few entries that definitely used to work, and I am still not getting anything. 

I am using RUMLogNG on a Mac for my logging, and that software has not changed since my last successful upload. 

Is anybody else running into these problems?

Thanks and 73, 

Karl Heinz - K5KHK

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