Re: Helping a friend (070# 437) get back on PSK31 after several years absence. He's using a Yaesu 450D with a Signalink USB. Forgot what software he's using at the moment, but he's not happy with it and is looking for different FREE software .


Hi John,
My answer is, whichever one you are confidant in helping Elmer your friend.
I have used Digipan forever, Hamscope and DM780 as well.
I really liked the older version of Digipan.... sorry it's gone and out of date.

But when it comes to operating different flavors, logging and ease of operating I have become a fan of FLDigi.
I recently did a demonstration to new Hams of various modes and also CW, including logging and uploading.
I used FLDigi for most, except for FT8.

Again, use what you can explain. When we do "31 Flavors" again, I think FLDigi would be best. Just click and shoot :)
73 Art KA5DWI #2518

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