Re: Helping a friend (070# 437) get back on PSK31 after several years absence. He's using a Yaesu 450D with a Signalink USB. Forgot what software he's using at the moment, but he's not happy with it and is looking for different FREE software .

John Kirby

I run the FT 817D and FT 450D here on ALL digital modes,
both use the same SignalLink I/O cable and patch headder.
My PSK 31 software is DigiPan 2004, before DigiPan was G3PLX. Yes tried ALL the others, $$ and free on win XP thru win 10, always came back to DigiPan. Only drawback .. lousy logger .. history lQQkup is great but field and format just awful, N1MM+ solved all my problems.  N1MM+ is also the best thing that ever happened to Field Day.

72, 73
ham    1956
retired 1997

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